I have been requested by my brilliant friend Nick (I think he is brilliant anyway) to write about myself for the welcome page on this website. With Neptune in Virgo sitting in my first house continually confusing any achievement of a consistent sense of identity, this is not going to be easy. My family and friends seem to think I have a powerful identity, exasperatingly powerful would not be putting it too strongly. So, perhaps, if I just write ‘welcome everyone’ and leave you to read my stuff and work out for yourself from that what you think, I will have succeeded in avoiding having to attempt the bewildering task of having to work this one out for myself.

Welcome everyone. There, that was not so difficult was it? And I mean it … WELCOME.



Chrissy Philp is a philosopher, writer, artist and exponent of wisdom. She is passionate about modern science and her letters have been published in New Scientist magazine. She is a master of the I Ching, the ancient Chinese book of wisdom and divination described by C G Jung as “a Chinese science”, and of Taoism. Despite the current scientific prejudice against astrology (which appears to be worryingly unscientific in its origin) she is also an experienced astrologer and holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University.

Chrissy's combination of interests led to her making a series of remarkable discoveries during the 1980s which she continues to promote today. The discoveries take the form of a suite of hologrammatic patterns that are rich in meaning. These include a pattern of the elements, a pattern of evolution and a model of the human brain. Together these form a cosmic blueprint, based on Aristotle's theory of teleology. This appears startlingly similar to the cosmological organising principle of the universe for which many modern scientists are still searching. Shame about the current scientific prejudice against astrology...however if there's an open-minded scientist out there with access to an MRI scanner who is prepared to test Chrissy's model of the human brain, then she'd love to hear from you.

Chrissy has written two books; a hand-illustrated cartoon book entitled 'One Way of Looking at Man' and a trilogy of books in which she presents her discoveries called 'The Golden City: Reality Model for a New Age'. Her wider collection of essays, letters and thoughts are presented in this website.

Chrissy has been a wise friend, mentor and spiritual adviser to many students of I Ching, astrology and self-knowledge over the past 30-40 years. She is married to the internationally successful ceramicist Paul Philp and has two grown up children and four grandchildren. After years of living in London and then on the side of a hill in Wales, she is now settled in the beautiful World Heritage city of Bath.

Rhodri Samuel - Regeneration Manager, Bath & North-East Somerset Council

Chrissy is one of the most original thinkers I have ever encountered, generating ideas which truly are not based on others' work. That's not to say she is ignorant of colleagues in her field - far from it, she is a diligent and thorough researcher - but she somehow seems able to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before her then add her own extra 10%.

Alistair Dixon, Head of BI Solutions, Retail BT